The signs that we design and manufacture are increasingly becoming more creative in style and shapes. We still make box style signs, but they’re not the same old box sign of years’ past. In-house fabrication requires precise folds and cutting to accurately build the signs that we produce. To keep our sign business thriving, it is essential to maintain precision and a fast-paced working environment in our production department.

Enter the Cidan Machinery FX Metal folder, which gives us a hand-up in this area. Producing accurate square corners on a sign cabinet no longer consists of measuring and double checking the numbers for correctness. This machine creates high precision folds and bends in a variety of substrates including steel, stainless and aluminum.

Easy operation ensures short set-up times. The programming also offers control of sheet thickness settings and adjustment of the material bending centre. The result is a perfect bending radius for all material thicknesses.

Consistent and precise angles, measurements and curves allow us to create the unique custom signs that you see designed and produced by Pro Image Design. The Cidan FX is one of the tools that helps us to get there.