Wayfinding Design & Engineering

We can help navigate the many complex layers of information and regulations inherent within these projects. With our production capabilities we can offer the added value of a comprehensive design/build approach to the signage system for greater efficiency and cost effectiveness.


Working closely with the various stakeholders we’ll seek input and information relative to the numerous venues and destinations represented within the system. With a fresh perspective we’ll help offer solutions geared towards the first-time visitor to help make the information as clear and logical as it can be.


A thorough understanding of the existing conditions can significantly impact your wayfinding situation. We’ll take the time to assess the environment and make recommendations for improved circulation and more efficient routing to help more people get to more places.


What’s in a name? Sometimes it can be confusion. We’ll help to solve those kinds of issues with naming refinement when needed and suggestions for user-friendly versions if anything proves problematic.


Making the most of a prescribed route helps offer a more efficient user experience and minimize the potential for sign clutter. Our team will also take into account the various requirements and limitations of any appropriate MDOT regulations.

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